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Miele Vacuum Repair

Like any other appliance that is used regularly, you may find that you’ll need to have a miele vacuum repair done. Luckily on most of the older machines repairing your miele vacuum is a not too hard, and can be done by either a certified repair technician at a local vacuum store or by yourself if you’re handy. Here are some of the things that can go wrong with a miele, and what the possible problem might be:

My miele vacuum will not turn on:

This could be from a variety of reasons, but is most likely due to a short in the electrical cord or a malfunction in the cord retraction mechanism. Sometimes after repeated use over the years, the copper contact which supplies the electricity can come loose and you won’t have a supply of power. If this is the problem you will most likely have to replace the cord reel itself, the cord, or have a technician implement a cord reel kit that will fix the problem. Other problems that can cause a power interruption could be the central circuit board located where the speed control is. This circuit board directs the power to the motor. If there a short in this particular piece, it will most likely have to be replaced. The least likely problem you will have with your miele is a burnt out motor. The motors that are used in miele vacuums are extremely high quality and rarely have problems unless there is extreme abuse.

My Miele vacuum is not sucking up properly:

If your miele does not have a lot of suction this is most likely due to a clog. A clog can form when you suck up large objects that can intrude the pathway in the vacuum hose. Such objects can be toothpicks, bobby pins, paper clips, etc. These objects get lodged in the hose of power nozzle neck and dust, dirt, and other objects starts to back up behind them. To check if you have a clog you should take the hose off of the vacuum at the base where it plugs in and turn the machine on. If there is adequate suction at the machine then you know that you have a problem with a clog in the hose or power nozzle. To rig yourself of these clogs you should first identify where it is, then use a tool to hook the clogging material and pull it out.

My Vacuum is fine, but the power nozzle will not turn on:

This could be due to one of two different problems. Either you could have flipped a safety reset in the powerheads or there is a problem with the electrical. To check if you have a safety reset on your miele power nozzle you should consult your manual. If you have a power nozzle that has a safety reset you should engage the pushbutton then try turning it on again. Most of the time this will fix the problem. If the power nozzle is still not working then it most likely a problem in the electrical wiring. This problem will either be in the wand, the powernozzle, or the hose itself.